State forestry institution "Belynichi forestry"
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About us

The State Forestry Institution "Belynichsky Leskhoz" is an organization of the "forestry" branch and is a part of the Ministry of Forestry. The leshoz was established in 1936. The structure of the leshoz included 5 forest areas, with a total area of 60 thousand hectares. Currently, the leshoz includes 9 forestry located in the north-western part of the Mogilev region on the territory of Belynichi, Kruglyansky, Klichevsky administrative districts, the area of the forest fund is 93.7 thousand hectares.

Main directions and activities of the Belynichsky leskhoz:

Forest management - includes the organization of forest management aimed at the effective use of forest resources, protection, protection and reproduction of forests; preservation and creation on the assigned territory of highly productive, biologically stable forests and forest fauna, whose activities are carried out at the expense of budgetary funds and revenues from forestry activities.

Commercial (self-supporting) - includes the development of a logging site, the production of woodworking products, the export of timber from the forest to industrial warehouses or other consumer warehouses, to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, and the development of spurious forest management and the procurement of secondary forest resources.


The main objectives of the Belynichsky leskhoz:

Increasing the efficiency of forestry production, organization of rational forest use, ensuring the reproduction, protection and protection of forests, development of the forest fund, effective control in these areas.


Main goals:
 Increase the productivity of forests, by improving the quality and efficiency of forest management activities, aligning the age structure of forests through the organization of rational forest management, increasing the proportion of young growth through the creation of forest crops on forest-free lands and lands withdrawn from agricultural circulation, optimizing the forest structure of forests increase in the proportion of the most valuable and hardwood plantations;
arrangement of the forest fund, including organization of construction, repair and maintenance of forest roads, implementation of firefighting arrangement of forest fund plots, maintenance of a quarterly network and identification marks in a proper condition and other measures.
implementation of a complex of forest protection measures to improve the ecological sustainability of forests, protection of forest resources and reproduction of forests; attraction of investments in the development of forestry.

 The production structure of the enterprise is formed by 9 forest areas (Belynichskoye, Druchanskoe, Kirovskoe, Kruglyanskoe, Oktyabrskoye, Osovetskoye, Svetilovichskoe, Tekhtinskoe, Esmonskoye), logging facility and forestry hunting farm.



We ask all interested persons to contact the reception of the organization at the following coordinates:Address: 213051, city. Belynichi Str. Sovetskaya, 48
Telephone hotline: +375 (2232) 79-483
Contact person: Svetlana Mihailovna