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Belynichskoe forestry hunting farm is located on the territory of Belynichsky district, the town of Belynichi is on the 152-kilometer route of Minsk-Mogilev.

The territory of hunting grounds is 114.8 thousand hectares, of which 66.5 thousand hectares of forest land. Belynichsky district, city of. Belynichi - on the 152-kilometer route Minsk-Mogilev.

On the territory of the economy there are the rivers Drut ', Oslik, Neroplya; Among the upper marshes there are several lakes.

The animal world of farming is diverse. For all animals that are allowed to hunt, individual hunting is carried out at the request of the customers. We invite you to hunt!


 In hunting, 31 elk, 34 deer, 34 roe deer, as well as grouse and black grouse are mined during the year. The farm employs highly qualified hunters who have many years of experience. Those wishing to take part in hunting or just to relax, celebrate an important event, invites the recreation center "Glukhariny Current". On the hunting base "Glukhari current", located on the picturesque bank of the Oslik River, there is a guest house with 10 beds, five rest rooms, a banquet hall and a billiard room, as well as a dance floor, a pond, a sauna, and a few gazebos with barbecues.