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Политика в области качества

The main objective of the leshoz is to increase the productivity of forests and the quality of products.

Main activities to achieve the main goal:

- creating conditions that enhance the export capabilities of the organization;

- Introduction in manufacture of modern methods and forms of quality management;

- saturation of the consumer market with high-quality products;

- saving of material and energy resources;

- Establishment of requirements for products that ensure the production of competitive products;

- Increase of the personal responsibility for quality of made production;

- raising the professional level of specialists;

- compliance with the principles, criteria and indicators of the national certification system;

- mandatory compliance with the requirements of technical documentation;

- Improvement of the wage system aimed at stimulating the production of quality products.

The basic requirements of PEFC for forest products are the availability of information on its origin from sustainably managed forests, reusable resources and other sources that are beyond doubt.

The main purpose of identifying forest products on the basis of origin in accordance with the requirements of PEFC is to obtain, confirm and provide the consumer with reliable information about the content of forest products, materials, semi-finished products originating from forests certified in accordance with PEFC requirements or reusable resources.


The main tasks of our company in the implementation of product identification are:

- availability of a certificate of conformity for a forest management and forest management system, a certificate of conformity for forest products and products of its processing on the basis of origin;

- ensuring the availability of shipping documents confirming the origin of raw materials purchased from certified forests and used for further processing;

- ensuring the availability of reliable and verifiable data on the volumes of raw materials and materials coming from different suppliers;

- providing documentary confirmation of the origin of certified raw materials, materials and products at the stages of passage.

Quality is the guarantee of stability, prosperity and confidence in the future.

To raise the cultivation system, the quality of the products, to make the chain of products more simple and accessible is the most important tasks of our enterprise. Specialists of the leshoz are personally interested in implementing the policy and will create all conditions for ensuring the release of quality products.