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Sustainable management of forest resources is the main condition for the development of the country's forestry complex, improving the quality and competitiveness of forest products on the external market.

Certification of wood and wood products is the society's response to the exhausting and irresponsible deforestation in many countries of the world.

Forest certification is one of the activities of the Ministry of Forestry, which contributes to ensuring the productivity and sustainability of stands, increasing biological diversity in forests, minimizing the negative impact of forestry production on the environment, increasing the export potential of the forestry sector, and removing technical barriers to international trade.

 Forest certification is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the international scheme of the FSC Forest Stewardship Council and within the framework of the Forest Certification System of the National System of Conformity of the Republic of Belarus with the recognized Pan-European Forest Certification Council (PEFC).

The world market of wood is now clearly divided into certified products and uncertified. In the world certified wood products obtained from forests are increasingly in demand, in relation to which balanced, inexhaustible forest management and economic management are conducted. If an enterprise can prove that its products are made from wood that comes from responsibly managed forests, it acquires a competitive advantage in many markets. According to experts, uncertified wood and products from it will soon become "non-entry" to most countries in the world.

The process of forest certification is a continuous process, as the certificate of compliance is issued for a certain period and the certificate holders must constantly confirm compliance with the certification requirements. After the certificate expires, the certificate must be renewed.

Certification of the chain of supply of wood from the producer to the consumer includes all stages of processing, production, transportation and distribution, through which products from the forest enter the final consumer. Certification of the chain of supply of wood proves that certified products came from the forest, for which responsible management is conducted, and also indicates that this product is not mixed with the products obtained from uncertified forests at any stage of the chain.

Despite the existence of a fairly large number of forest certification systems in the world, the most influential are FSC and PEFC.